A Career in Insurance


that make

a difference

Insurance protects us from the everyday risks of life. It's necessary for protecting personal and business investments, and plays a vital role in the economy.

Why consider a career in insurance?

Work in a stable industry 

Both people and organizations need insurance. In fact, many types of insurance, including workers' compensation, are required by law. 

Cultivate a variety of skills 

Opportunities are wide-ranging, including positions involving analytics, communication, negotiation, problem solving, numeracy, customer service, collaboration and teamwork. 

Grow with technology

Successful insurance companies are at the forefront of innovation by developing new technologies to support operations for gathering and interpreting data to service their customers. 

Employment demand is on the rise

Risk & Insurance reports a high need for leadership in the insurance industry due to soaring retirement rates. Approximately a third of the industry's active professionals are set to retire in the next 5-10 years--resulting in a lot of opportunity. Careers in insurance are meaningful, challenging and engaging.  

career roles

Talk to just a few insurance professionals - they'll tell you stories about how their jobs made a difference in people's lives.  If you're interested in a career that makes a difference, learn more about these career paths in workers' compensation insurance. 

academic paths

A wide range of academic paths and backgrounds can apply to a career in insurance

  • Actuarial Science
  • Business Administration 
  • Computer Science/MIS
  • Economics
  • Financial/Accounting 
  • Social Sciences 
  • Humanities
  • Marketing 
  • Mathematics
  • Risk and Insurance 
  • Statistics

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