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all else.

When you choose Eastern Alliance, you get more than an innovative leader in workers’ compensation insurance. You get the Eastern Way – a service mantra that forms the heart of the company and lays the foundation for all the unique ways we serve our customers.

Delivering innovation that works for you.

fresh outlooks. better outcomes.
  • Eastern is a company founded on one passion – offering fresh outlooks resulting in better outcomes
  • Our workers’ comp solutions make life easier for our policyholders and their employees
  • unite® – individualized plan for small businesses
  • Inova® – our innovative alternative solution
  • Value-added services like N3L3® risk management, ecovery® claims engagement, and parallel pay® offering


A Proactive Approach
  • A key component of Eastern’s effective claims management is the proactive approach we take to managing workers’ comp
  • Early intervention, proactive disability management, and Return to Wellness support all contribute to better outcomes
Strategic Partnerships
  • Eastern’s dedicated experts and strategic partnerships with insurance and medical professionals ensure our clients and their employees have someone by their side delivering knowledgeable support and guidance


Expert Agents
  • Eastern agents are committed to looking out for you and making your needs a top priority – their hard work and expertise bring you the best workers’ comp solution available


Superior Customer Service
  • With Eastern, you’ll always feel like you’re our only customer!
  • Support Center specialists are here to help you in any way we can – with focused attention and dedicated assistance. We’re here for the long haul!

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