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ecovery® is a unique 360° approach that breaks through the legacy barriers of claims management. ecovery helps return injured workers to wellness and a productive life.


See how ecovery delivers better outcomes for your workers and your business.


Injured Workers

We help make sure your road to recovery is a successful one.


Injured Workers First®

Eastern's ecovery puts Injured Workers First by treating the whole worker with compassion and honest, straightforward guidance. Working together, a dedicated team of insurance and medical experts help ensure the injured worker receives the most effective and prompt treatment possible.


Fresh outlooks for claims.

Regardless of your company size, industry or loss frequency, the value that an ecovery program creates is visible the first time you experience a workers’ compensation claim.

ecovery focuses on three key components to effective claims management – early intervention, proactive disability management and return to wellness support. From the moment you call our in-house Claim Support Center or report your claim online, we manage your claim toward a cost-effective, fair conclusion.

Dedicated Experts

Our dedicated experts are carefully chosen for their knowledge in their field and for their ability to apply fresh outlooks and better outcomes to all workers’ comp claims.

Medical Care Management

All aspects of medical care are expertly covered, including provider panels, early nurse intervention, premier physicians,  pharmaceutical and medical equipment providers and complex pain consultants. 

Special Claims Handling

What many carriers call “Workers’ Comp Special Claims Handling” is Eastern’s standard for every claim. We view claims handling as a collaborative partnership with all workers’ comp stakeholders and manage cases in a very personal way.

Prevent Fraud

Intentional accidents, false claims and exaggerated severity of injuries all share a common name: insurance fraud. Through hands-on education and resources, we help you identify and prevent possible fraud.  

24/7 Outreach

A three-point contact system including the employer, employee and treating physician allows us to carefully document all facets related to the injury and provide 24/7 outreach as needed. It’s the Eastern Way.

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"They never stopped pulling for me."

Experiencing a workplace injury can be traumatic. With ecovery, employees get back to life — and back to being strong for themselves and others.


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