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Experiencing a workplace injury 

can be traumatic. That's why 

Eastern Alliance offers ecovery®

— a holistic approach to worker

recovery that's focused on YOU.

Immediately report ALL workplace injuries to your supervisor. 

Injured Workers First®

Your ecovery team will ensure you get personal attention, comprehensive care and helpful support that is backed by mutual trust and respect - so you can return to total wellness and productivity. 

Watch A.J.'s, Ryan’s and James's stories of how ecovery put these three Injured Workers First® … helping them to a faster recovery.


Return to Wellness with ecovery.

ecovery’s Return to Wellness philosophy is linked to every step of a claim. We focus on three key components to effectively manage your claim: early intervention, proactive disability management and return to wellness support.

The unique features and benefits of ecovery are:

What to expect.

After experiencing a work-related injury, you may not know what to do or what to expect. To better prepare and guide you through the initial stages of your claim, review the following helpful information. 

"My recovery was their priority."

Watch Ryan's story!


Help at your fingertips.

Eastern is here to help you understand all the physical and mental ins and outs of recovery. Use the resources below or contact your ecovery Claim Representative.

Download the ecovery Glossary here.

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ecovery library

Get 24/7 access to our ecovery resources for injured workers. We have everything you need to help navigate your claim – starting with your injury and ending with the successful completion of your recovery journey.