be safe.

Through proactive safety

education and training,

N3L3® shows employers and em-

ployees how to identify

potential workplace dangers and

help avoid serious, life-changing


The N3L3 Philosophy:

"It's like we're driving forward down a road... but solely focusing on the rearview mirror. We should be looking through the windshield to anticipate potential failures that could come our way that can produce catastrophic events."

Watch our N3L3 Video featuring Risk Management Executive, Greg Clone, to understand more about the N3L3 philosophy.

N3L3 is smart. It saves lives. It preserves livelihood.

"Because it hasn't happened to me, it won't ever happen! But it can."

The unique approach of N3L3 helps workers avoid life-changing injuries by alerting their instincts – so they pause and think about safety before moving forward.

Raise awareness

Help avoid a serious accident by conditioning workers to pause and reflect

Change the way a worker thinks

Embrace a culture that helps employees think differently about potential workplace hazards

Think 360º

Get a solid, logical proactive approach to safety analysis and risk management that includes:

  • Helping everyone understand that taking time to stop and think can help prevent a life-changing event
  • Defining causative and safety factors that can influence the way an organization operates
  • Developing a positive, supportive climate based on understanding your organization’s safety risks