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ecovery focuses on early, proactive intervention and personal support by using return-to-work as a therapeutic tool. It gets your workers back to wellness and productivity as fast as possible.

Immediately report all work-related injuries as soon as possible!

Add value to your workplace.

Employers are an essential part of the Return to Wellness journey. Regardless of your company size, industry or loss frequency, the value that an ecovery program creates is evident the first time you experience a workers’ compensation claim.

Need to build or improve a program?

Whether you need to implement an ecovery Return to Wellness program from scratch or need to re-evaluate your current program, we have the tools and resources you need.

“I don't know where we would be without Eastern's ecovery team.”

Watch A.J.'s, Ryan’s and James's stories of how ecovery put these three Injured Workers First® … helping them to a faster recovery.


The ecovery process.

Employers often have questions about what happens after they report a claim. They may also wonder how an ecovery program fits into the claims process. 

Download the ecovery claim process PDF  to learn about how the ecovery process works:

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help at your fingertips

Eastern is here to help you understand the ins and outs of recovery. Use the resources below or contact your ecovery Claim Representative with any questions you have.

Injured Worker Trifold Brochure

Get a handy pocket-sized guide to recovery when you request our Injured Worker trifold brochure.

ecovery Library

Get 24/7 online access to our ecovery resources for employers. We have everything you need to help navigate your claim - from injury to final resolution. 


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