Eastern's 2020 unite Best in Class Agencies

Eastern appreciates the value of outstanding agent representation – especially when it comes to our unite® small business workers’ compensation insurance. Because every unite® policy is individually underwritten--and because we offer comprehensive workers’ compensation resources – unite® is a best-in-class brand that deserves best-in-class agency partners. Our unite® Best-in-Class Program recognizes agencies who demonstrate a dedication to the unite® brand, deliver superior client service and remain committed to excellence.


During the selection process for the 2020 unite® Best-in-Class Program, candidates were evaluated in the areas of unite®production, profitability, eaport and parallel pay® usage, ecovery® and safety support, marketing participation and overall agency engagement. Finalists were determined through an objective online voting procedure.


The finalists received a Best-in-Class 2020 logo to use on their marketing materials, and a LinkedIn post highlighting their accomplishment. To support local communities during a difficult year for many, the Best-in-Class program shifted from an advertising focus to charitable giving to celebrate the agency's commitment to small business and their local communities. 


We are excited to announce the following agencies as our 2020 unite® Best-in-Class Agency Partners: 

  • The Insurance Center
  • Arthur Hall Insurance
  • GHT Insurance Services
  • Blanchard & Calhoun
  • The Yurconic Agency
  • Hardenbergh Insurance Group
  • Insuramax
  • Rupp & Fiore
  • Eagan Insurance 
  • First Insurance Group
  • Northlake Insurance Group


We congratulate these Best-in-Class Agency Partners on their outstanding representation of the unite® brand and look forward to serving the small business community throughout 2021.