Electrical Injury Risks- Managing F&LC Exposures

Electricity is part of our daily lives, both inside and outside of the workplace. When well-controlled, it is essential to daily operations. However, if employees go beyond what they are qualified to do, electricity can present an unacceptably high risk of fatal or life-changing injuries.

Do you really know the risks your employees take when conducting daily tasks, or duties they may do infrequently, or under a time constraint to get things back up and running? What questions should you ask with respect to their training, qualifications, available resources, and work practices, to better understand and actively manage these risks?

Learning Objectives:
1) Recognize the injury potential that exists for those working with electricity.
2) Know which questions to ask to gain a more thorough understanding of the scope of work your employees are doing – with or without your prior knowledge.
3) Learn some of the standards that apply that are intended to keep employees safe.
4) Assess when work is outside of your employees’ qualifications.


Recorded on October 13, 2022. Access the recording here.