Motor Vehicle Accidents--Identify and Manage Your Risks

Each year, roughly 40,000 Americans die in motor vehicle accidents and millions of non-fatal accidents occur--often leaving a lasting impact on organizations and families. Motor Vehicle Accidents are a risk for your organization, whether employees travel in company-owned vehicles or their own. These fatal and life-changing events are often wholly preventable through good risk identification and control.

This session reviews the impact of motor vehicle risks to organizations and dispel myths, such as the use of hands-free devices as a safe option. Our main focus is twofold: proactive controls such as the use of telematics, dash cameras, and wellness programs; and, the application of principles and practices found in Human and Organizational Performance to create more favorable results in the prevention of MVAs for any fleet size. These principles can drive cultural and systematic change within your organization, creating lasting impact and momentum towards the reduction of these fatal and life-changing events, and helping you become a learning organization from the get-go.

Learning objectives:
1) Explore the various options available for telematics and fleet control systems.
2) Understand how to apply Human and Organization Performance and Wellness principles for transportation success.
3) Learn how to apply concepts for the reduction of common occupational injuries associated with transportation risks.


Recorded April 19, 2022.


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