Moving from Distracted Driving to Intentional Driving

Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) are a risk for any organization, whether your employees travel in company-owned vehicles or in their own. Why drive just defensively when you can drive intentionally, with purpose and safety in mind?

Eastern will help you go beyond defensive driving, to better identify, control and mitigate the risk of MVAs—which are often fatal and life-changing events. Discover how an accident may be all but inevitable before your employee even gets into the vehicle. Join us during Distracted Driving Month to learn:

* Issues associated with operating a motor vehicle

* How to apply industry best practices to your organization for better results

* How to reduce occupational injuries associated with transportation risks

* Lessons learned from driving distracted as well as driving intentionally, to better identify motor vehicle risks

This webinar was recorded on April 18, 2023--Access the recording here.