Return to Wellness: Go Beyond Return to Work and Achieve Best Outcomes

Return to Wellness -- Eastern's innovative, holistic program to help return your injured workers to wellness and productivity by using work as a therapeutic tool. It's not a basic "Return to Work" program!

Return to Wellness focuses on all aspects of a lost-time claim, including the economic, physical, psychological, and financial benefits of returning injured workers to modified duty. Return to Wellness empowers you and your injured workers to move through a difficult claim, restoring a state of wellness.

Effective Return to Wellness programs are a best practice for employers. They demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing of your company and employees, and can help you reduce your workers’ comp costs.

In this webinar, you'll learn more about our "Return to Wellness" philosophy, and how its different from a basic Return to Work program. We'll outline its many benefits and teach you how to implement a Return to Wellness program in your organization.


This webinar was recorded on July 18, 2023. Click here to listen to the recording.