First Fill

Eastern's approach to medical care management ensures the best outcomes for injured workers and our policyholders. One key to managing medical costs and supporting good outcomes is a robust pharmacy benefit management program.

We have a longstanding partnership with KeyScripts, LLC, a workers' compensation pharmacy benefit manager. To enable injured workers to use the KeyScripts network at the first report of injury, we're pleased to offer the simple First Fill Program.

    1. When notified of a workplace injury, provide the injured worker with the appropriate temporary KeyScripts card, listed below.
    2. Call KeyScripts to activate the temporary card.
    3. The injured worker may then take the temporary card and any prescriptions related to their work injury to the KeyScripts Network pharmacy of their choice. The KeyScripts Network includes all major retail pharmacy chains and numerous independent pharmacies).

Questions? Download "Frequently Asked Questions About the KeyScripts First Fill Program."


Temporary Prescription Cards

Arkansas (Revised 07/09/2018)

Indiana (Revised 07/09/2018)

Kentucky (Revised 01/26/2018)

Louisiana (Revised 01/26/2018)

North Carolina (Revised 07/09/2018)

Tennessee (Revised 01/28/2018)

Texas (Revised 01/26/2018)

All other jurisdications, please use this form (Revised 01/26/2018)


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