Winter Safety

Winter Weather Safety


No industry or business is exempt from injuries that result from inclement weather. Rain, sleet, snow and ice are hazards to every business.

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety of employees once they report to work. Help your employees get in and out of your building safely. Prevent slips, trips and falls, reduce the potential for other winter weather-related injuries, and help everyone work safely this winter.


Thermometer in Winter Weather
Be Aware of the Forecast
Do you know the difference between freezing rain and sleet? "Winter weather advisory" vs "winter storm watch"? Test your knowledge of winter-related forecast terms.
Footprint on snowy sidewalk
Tips to Prevent Winter-Related Slips, Trips and Falls
Quick tips to prevent and reduce injuries when its snowy, icy, or wet outside.
Man shoveling sidewalk
Snow Safety-Shoveling
Do you know when to use a shovel with a curved handle vs. a straight handle? Educate, plan ahead and "handle" snow in a safe manner.
Winter Storm Warning Signpost
Winter Weather Safety Tips - At Home
Prepare for and ride out a winter storm at home.
Boots walking in snow
Winter Weather Slips and Falls Prevention Guide
Take action to reduce your organization's risk and protect your employees with this comprehensive guide.
Man operating snow blower
Snow Safety - Snow Blowers
Avoid serious injuries by learning how to reduce jams and clogs, properly de-clog a snow blower, and safely operate these powerful machines.
Pouring antifreeze into the car
Winter Weather Safety Tips - On The Road
Traveling in bad weather? Preparation is key. Know what to bring in your car, how to travel safely, and what to do if stranded on the road.
Truck driving on winter weather highway
Black Ice and Winter Driving
Recognize warning signs for this slippery hazard and learn how to maneuver past problem areas.